We envision a world where laws, regulations and policies are created, and appropriately reformed, to facilitate access by patients to safe and affordable medication, not to protect the profits of pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies. As part of this vision, we seek to help protect and empower patients who are currently deprived of medication that they have imported for personal use when it’s confiscated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Today, tens of millions of Americans are not filling the prescriptions written by their healthcare providers because of high drug costs. In the richest country in the world, this is a travesty of justice and a threat to public health. 


Our mission is to help bring justice to American consumers who are literally sick from the high cost of prescription medication. PJAG’s uniting purpose is to coordinate a response to a U.S. law - Section 708 of the Food and Drug Safety and Innovation Act of 2012 - that provides the FDA with new powers to destroy small quantities of imported prescription medication orders placed by individual consumers. Section 708 provides consumers the right to “appropriate due process” to challenge the FDA’s decision to destroy their medication by providing testimony to the FDA. PJAG is providing guidance to help them provide that testimony with the goal of having their medication orders released, and helping them notify their elected officials, if they wish to advocate for themselves and others.

PJAG supports legal and regulatory reform to expand access to affordable medication. Some of those reforms may include banning collusion between brand and generic drug companies to postpone the introduction of lower cost generic medication, often called "pay-to-delay"; lifting the ban that prevents Medicare from negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical companies; prescription drug importation legal and regulatory reform to expressly permit personal drug importation; and a rational, risk-based approach to regulatory and law enforcement actions targeting the online sale of medication so that online access to safe and affordable medication is not encumbered but dangerous rogue websites are shut down. 

We will advocate for the decriminalization of all forms of ethical commerce through which people obtain safe and affordable medication. 

PJAG will operate as a clearinghouse of research, policy analysis, and advocacy campaigns dedicated to undermining and overturning laws, regulations and corporate initiatives that impede access to safe and affordable medication. PJAG will also operate as a clearinghouse of research about the negative health effects caused by cost-related prescription non-adherence (CRNA).

Has your personally imported medication been seized?

Have you received a notification from the FDA that your medication order from Canada or another foreign country was refused import and is subject to destruction? You have the right to due process to defend the medication you ordered. Please refer to our guidance on how to submit testimony to the FDA. 

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